Therapy services for a variety of injuries.

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Physical Therapy Services

The following is a list of services and their descriptions. If you are in need of physical therapy please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Injured worker care:

We provide physical therapy for the injured worker with a goal of returning to work as soon as possible. We provide modalities for pain relief and to assist the healing tissues. We may also provide manual therapy to restore full range of motion. We will incorporate therapeutic exercises to enhance range of motion and restore full functional strength. Our focus will be on work simulated activities to be able to return to the patient to his job responsibilities in a controlled manner.

Spine rehabilitation:

Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy provides cervical, thoracic and lumbar care for sprains, strains, disc dysfunctions and post-operative procedures. These treatments will focus on improving spinal mobility but focus on spinal stability. We will emphasize patient education on proper body mechanics particularly with activities of daily living such as lifting.

Sports injury rehabilitation:

Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy provides an array of treatments for injuries that may occur in sporting events. Our focus is to restore imbalances or strengthen based on the client’s specific sport.

Pre/Post-operative rehabilitation:

Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy provides pre-operative and post-operative care for surgeries that involve the ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder or elbow. We follow specific protocols for these post-operative patients to specifically allow for appropriate healing and restore full range of motion and strength.

Carpal tunnel rehabilitation:

Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy provides carpal tunnel treatment specifically aiming to restore hand function and reduce wrist and hand pain.

Joint pain/arthritis program:

We provide a variety of modalities and manual therapy to help reduce joint pain associated with arthritis. We will provide gentle yet progressive range of motion and strengthening exercises involving joints to help restore function and mobility.

Manual therapy:

Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy provides manual therapy to include soft tissue mobilization, strain/counter-strain and trigger point release to reduce muscular tension and/or tight soft tissue. This is an excellent pain reduction service but also helps restore and maintain range of motion and improve muscle balance.

Balance and gait training:

At Argonaut Peak Physical Therapy our therapists perform a balance and gait evaluation. This will allow our therapist to provide individual vestibular programs and balance activities to reduce risk of falls and/or return to specific activities.